Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 StandardIncludes:

  • Supports 1 User / 1 Device
  • Runs On Windows
  • 1 Installation
  • Licensed for Home and Commercial Use

"Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard"

Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard will help your corporation achieve flexible, clear and cost-efficient communication. All functions are designed to aid you when carrying out your daily tasks, providing high performance and reliability. The focus is on shared filing and administration of e-mails, contacts and appointments. You´ll have absolutely no problem getting to grips with Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard.

Exchange 2016 Standard for professional e-mail administration

Corporate e-mail communication is at the core of Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard. Benefit from more security and control over your organisation, in your own company or in the Microsoft Cloud. Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard supports up to 5 mailbox databanks, making it suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. The Enterprise Edition is recommended for large companies. Engineered for productive team work, Exchange 2016 Standard assists you and your colleagues with all ongoing tasks, producing improved results.

The advantages of Exchange Server 2016 Standard

  • fast searching and intelligent inbox for greater productivity
  • more security with data loss prevention (DLP) and expanded monitoring functions
  • improved cooperation on documents through problem rectification when version controlling attachments
  • new Outlook interface and web apps for flexible use on mobile devices

Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

Exchange functionality 2016 version is structured into two different roles, which you can determine when installing the software. There is a "mailbox" role including primary functionality. This role holds databanks and receives client queries. There is also the "Edge transport" role, providing additional security for e-mail transmission between internal networks and the Internet. Spam filtering is just one of these options.

Outlook Desktop applications and Exchange 2016 Standard

To use Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard functions on your desktop, you need an e-mail desktop application such as Microsoft Outlook. You can purchase this software in an Office suite or as an individual Office programme. Please be certain of this when buying Exchange Server 2016 Standard, as you will otherwise have no access to Desktop functions. Buy Microsoft Outlook 2016 here.


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The Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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