Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop User CAL License

Windows Server 2022 is a cloud-compatible OS which supports workloads that brings forth new technologies which make the transition to cloud computing much simpler.

New layers of security

The system consists of many new layers of security to Windows Server 2022 and applies Azure-adhered innovation to the applications and infrastructure in transforming your business.

For physical server environments

Microsoft Windows Server 2022 is designed to fit for physical or minimally virtualized server environments.

Windows Server 2022 licensing model

This product is a license for a Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop User CAL for MS Windows Server 2022 (to be purchased separately) which enables a remote device to connect to your server.

CAL requirements

Every user and device accessing a licensed Windows Server Standard, Datacenter or Multipoint edition need a Windows Server CAL, or a Windows Server and a RDS CAL.

Licensing model

The Windows Server 2022 licensing model consists of both Cores + Client Access Licenses (CALs).

Access to server

A Windows Server CAL enables access to any edition of Windows Server of the same or earlier version.

Access to multiple licenses

Each Window Server CAL provides access to multiple licenses of Windows Server.

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